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Home & Family
Home & Family Services

As you may already know, Head Concierge are here to assist you in all aspects of daily life.

From arranging the Domestic Cleaner to tidy your house, waiting for the delivery men to arrive, the plumber to finish his repairs to providing last minute care for your sick child on a business work day.

Instead of tapping your fingers in boredom, waiting for the delivery man/tradesman to arrive, just tap your fingers on the computer keyboard or phone instead and let us take care of those time wasting tasks for you. Whereby saving you hassle! saving you time! and saving your mind!

Here are just a few of the home & family services can provide:

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  • Handyman services for household repairs
  • Find workday care for a sick child
  • Baby Sitting and Child Minder Services
  • Maids and Butlers to attend your premises
  • Arrange the delivery of meals
  • Food shopping
  • Key holding service
  • Children's entertainers
  • Garden maintenance
  • Schedule airport taxi and limousine services